Thursday, July 7, 2011

PF #2: Pink Orchids

Before my Pink Friday entry for this week, i would like to thank you Mommy Rubz for giving me 5dollars as one of the winning entry last week.

My pink Friday for this week is the pink orchids. This was in Singapore park.


Yannie said...

I love orchids pero hirap alagaan..

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tejan said...

maganda ang mga orchids na background at maganda rin ang model ng mga orchids..hehe!

mine is up see yah:)

jhansson said...

ganda mga orchids..segi na nga sali na rin kita..hahaha

Rcel said...

I love orchids!

I have PINK FLOWER in the NIGHTSKY courtesy of the July 4th Fireworks here in our place. See you! :)